Your Integrity is Showing

November 15, 2016 | By Joe Dellasega

Each time you communicate, it’s a demonstration of your integrity. The manner in which you handle information is a direct indication about how you do business, overall. Taking the time to properly filter your communication is essential to the health of your organization and the impressions others have of you, as an individual.

The first thing to consider is the general elements of communication:

  • What — What needs to be communicated? How much detail should be included? Are the facts correct? Is it first- or second-hand knowledge? What impact will it have on others or the organization? Will it have positive or negative effects?
  • Who — Who needs the information? Is it on a “need-to-know” basis? Does the receiver demonstrate the ability to manage the information? Will this enable others to do better with their jobs? Am I avoiding the “it’s fun to have information” scenario and sharing it correctly?
  • Why — Why is it important to communicate this information? Will it have positive or negative impacts? What are my true intentions? Is it the truth? Will this be necessary to meet the needs of the receiver?
  • When — What is the timing for this communication? Now? Emergency/Urgent? Soon? Someday?
  • How — How is the best way to communicate this information? Person to person? Via email or text? In a phone call? Publicly? On social media?

When we get a juicy nugget of information, it’s tempting to yell it to the world. But, pausing for a moment and analyzing the “W’s” of communication will produce the best results. Taking the time to filter the message will help deter negative effects like rumors, misinformation or challenges due to communicating with the wrong method or to the inappropriate people. If you sit on the news for a few minutes, it will come to you how to most properly handle the message.

Healthy organizations rely on proper communication management. It’s a reoccurring fact that when you handle communications appropriately, you will receive more information in the future. People will recognize that you value the “message” and recognize that you have honorable intentions. As a result, they will be willing to share more details with you. This helps you and your business.

However, if people see that you’re not responsible with discreet details, they will never trust you, again.

It’s kind of like a game of catch. When you throw to each other, aiming carefully, and trying to keep the ball within a reasonable range, it’s a respectful and fun game. However, if you’re playing with someone who is wild and careless as they throw the ball your way, you may have to chase the ball down or run to catch it. It’s not much fun, and you won’t want to continue doing it.

Communication is a lot like that. If you attempt to do the right thing and take your time, the message will go to its intended target in a desired manner. People will be receptive to it. They will, even, offer you information in return.

They will see you as honorable in your intentions, trust you and will turn to you for future communications. But, it’s all due to taking the time to filter and think. Let that integrity show with the way you communicate with others.

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