Go Big in 2017: Make Your Goals Count

January 04, 2017 | By Joe Dellasega

You’ve heard the saying, “Go big or go home.” In 2017, that’s my mantra. I’m tackling the “big” tasks — you know, the ones that truly mean something.

Sure, sure. I could attack that corner closet that is full of clutter or I could set a goal to save a few bucks every month. But, this year, I’m going with goals that are much bigger than that. My goals are ones that will have impacts on my life and others around me for years to come. These goals will establish lifestyle changes that will positively affect my future personally, professionally and spiritually.

I’m going big in three different ways — and, I encourage you to, as well!


We all have relationships with others. It’s part of being human. Another part of being human is that relationships are not always easy. We’re a difficult bunch to understand — full of emotions and unspoken intentions. Relationships are, often, confusing and conflicted.

Our relationships usually span a wide part of our lives. We have personal relationships with people outside of our business circle, who we may be close to emotionally. Professionally, we have relationships with colleagues, clients and vendors. All relationships are important and hold significance for us in many ways.

But, we often allow these relationships to fall off our priority lists. When this happens, we know it. We realize that we’ve failed to do things that demonstrate our value for these friendships and connections. Sometimes, we prevent ourselves from moving forward, knowing that we aren’t taking care of the things we should. Relationships are a big deal. And, when they aren’t right, they nip at our heels and slow us down in lots of ways.

I knew a guy one time who, at the beginning of the year, wrote down everyone’s name who he had a relationship with that was less than he wanted. He went through that list throughout the year and made attempts to fix those connections. He asked some for forgiveness. He apologized to others. He exerted effort to solidify some. It’s not always easy. But, it’s important.

Write it down — and, make it a priority. Determine what needs to be done. Make it intentional.Rationalize why it’s important to cultivate these relationships. And, find the time to do it.

Relationships never just fix themselves. And, you’ll be a lot better off for your efforts.


Everyone says that they intend to get their finances together in the new year. They claim goals of making budgets, saving money and establishing a retirement plan.

But, there is a bigger way of looking at your finances. Don’t just make an annual or monthly budget. Do the big stuff!

Get all of your financial paperwork in order. Yes — file it and create a system that anyone could understand. Reconcile all of your bank accounts. Consolidate them or expand them, if necessary.

Contact a financial advisor and make sure your retirement and savings plans are up to date and in order. Ask about your 401K or trusts. Update your will. Check on your life insurance.

If you run a business, assess your succession plan. If necessary, consult a professional for assistance with this.

In essence, do the big things with your finances. The little steps are nice. But, go big and get big results.


You are worth being one of the “big” things in 2017. You can do the “usual” goal of losing some weight or toning up. Or, you can go bigger!

Don’t just work on dropping a few pounds. Get healthy in lots of ways: emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually!

Assess your lifestyle and adjust it so that it:

  • Brings you joy
  • Creates a positive mindset/outlook
  • Intellectually stimulates you
  • Allows you to have “me” time
  • Puts you in the path of interesting and constructive friends

And most importantly, create a lifestyle that:

  • Helps you align with God’s will for you in this life

Life is too short to not make it meaningful and joyful each day. Go big and make sure that your day-to-day activities bring you happiness and enrichment. Engage in behaviors that improve the lives of others. Make sure that you are leading a life that is enjoyable for you and everyone around you. Look at the “big” picture and make it better.

Make 2017 BIG!

Contact us today if you need assistance focusing on the BIG things; we are here to help!