What Does Joe Do as a Business Coach?

February 24, 2017 | By Jenni Breeze

I’m a therapist, confidant, advisor and cheerleader. I help seasoned executives revisit fundamental business principles. And, I help new professionals explore advanced concepts in their industries. I’m a business coach and I do a lot of things!

The business coaching concept is a relatively new one, really emerging as a business trend about 10 years ago. While it may have started out as a service for struggling professionals, its usefulness has far exceeded that premise.

Doubt in the Beginning

When I first branched out into this field, I questioned myself a little bit. Of course, I had years of experience in the business world. But, did I really have the knowledge or skills to help others in all areas of business? It was a scary thing to think about: I never know where the conversation is going to move with a client. I’m not an expert in EVERY area of business in all industries.

But, I reassured myself that I was good at many things, a self-proclaimed jack of all trades, if you will. After working with a few clients and recalling other instances of consulting with colleagues, I realized that the professionals I work with are experts in their fields. They don’t need me to be an expert in their industry. But, they need me to help with other aspects of their business that may be holding them up.

For instance, if I work with a tech company, I don’t have to be a tech expert. They are. But, I can still help them streamline their financial processes or identify management kinks.

Most business leaders have a clear vision of their product or service. They know what they produce and how to do it. But, it’s those other areas of business that may diminish their success and limit their capabilities. And, I’m there to help them revive their passions and continue pursuing their dreams, as they resolve the challenges that get in their paths.

Everyone Needs a Little Help

It’s a pretty accepted standard that coaches are essential in the athletic world. No champion figure skater or Super Bowl team made it to the top without a good coach or coaching team. But, other areas of our life engage help along the way, too.

Personal trainers, fitness coaches and nutritionists may work with clients to help them lose weight, tone up or gain the level of physical fitness they desire. They work together to develop diet plans, workout guidelines and other details that lead to success. They work through challenges, discussing specific problems the client may be having.

A therapist or psychologist helps a patient work through hard times or life, in general. They develop strategies for healthy thinking and living.

A priest or pastor may counsel distressed parishioners by giving encouragement and advice.

The business world is no different. I consult with clients, discuss problems, celebrate victories, provide accountability and give advice when needed. I listen and observe. I’m a third party who never passes judgment. But, I am not above calling you out, when needed.

What You Get

When I work with clients, I’m not just someone who pats them on their back and tells them “Good Job!” at every turn. I push my sleeves up, learn about their businesses and proceed to pitch in where needed. Here are some things I provide as an executive business coach:

  • I provide focus. Many times, business owners are preoccupied with areas of their business they are most interested in. However, the focus may need to be on underdeveloped/problematic aspects of their corporation. I help bring attention to these concerns.
  • I provide accountability. If you’re the boss, you don’t normally have to check off tasks and show your results to anyone else. Challenging or unpleasant tasks may easily get prioritized to the bottom of your list. I ensure you actually get these things done.
  • I deliver unbiased opinions. I have no stake in your organization, so I’m able to see it from a non-involved, third-party perspective. My input is uninfluenced by emotions.
  • I provide a time each week/month to focus strictly on your business and where you want it to go. It’s not about the fire you’re trying to put out today or getting invoices out by the first. It’s about strategically planning for the future.
  • I provide fuel for your passions. When times get hard, passions seem to fizzle out and get overrun by the challenges. I help you revisit why you started your business to start with and encourage you to reinvest in your dreams.

Essentials for a Successful Coaching Relationship

I feel extremely lucky to do what I do as an executive business coach! I get to work with leaders who have “magic.” Truly, they have the innate ability to establish a product, attract customers and build something from nothing. My clients are amazing!

But, they need discipline, focus. Everyone does.

I’ve found that the best coaching experiences come from partnerships that include:

  • Humility
  • Courage
  • Commitment

When we both bring these traits to the table, we get a lot of stuff done!

Contact me today to see how I can help you! I’ve got limited availability in my client list for 2017, and I’d love to include you. Let’s work together to help you achieve your dreams!