What Happens During a Coaching Session With Joe?

March 07, 2017 | By Jenni Breeze

You have heard about my services as a business coach. You may be aware that I engage with entrepreneurs, business executives/owners, and other professionals to help them improve their success. But, you are still, probably, wondering what is it, exactly, that happens during a coaching session. I don’t blame you!

I realize that many prospective clients don’t even call me because they are unsure what they may be committing to by setting up an appointme7nt.If you’re doubtful, too, I get it. You may be wondering if it will be a waste of your time. You might think you’re too busy. You might think that a business coach is only for new professionals or those who are struggling.

Honestly, a business coach is for anyone who wants to live up to the potential of his or her dreams. I work with amazing entrepreneurs who can do anything! But, with a business coach, they are much more likely to achieve their dreams. They gain accountability, focus, and strategy that they wouldn’t have without a third-party influence.

Usually, a coaching session takes on a life of its own, and it’s difficult to set up a template that delivers the true essence of what happens during one. However, there are three main elements that all of my sessions include.

Dream Talk

Especially, in the beginning, clients and I talk a LOT about dreams. We talk about what gives you, the client, passion, and energy toward your goals. My intentions are to provide you with the personal effectiveness, conflict resolution skills, and time management tips to make those dreams turn into realities.

I’ve seen a lot of dreams get a good start, only to get stuck once a few challenges come along. Financial limitations, an exhausted customer list, the need for an enhanced sales system, process issues, leadership stagnancy and a lack of a succession plan have stifled the growth of many businesses. Each of these challenges can be easily addressed in relationship to the original dream. However, many business owners feel stuck and trapped…and are tempted to fold in the whole operation, instead of seeking answers beyond their comfort zones. These leaders forget about their dreams and abandon their passions.

I don’t want that to happen to anyone!


Just like an insurance agent talks to clients and determines the best products for them, I work with clients to identify strategies to address their problems. Many business owners are so immersed in their businesses, that by the time a problem becomes obvious, the root cause of it is buried under several other issues. Owners often retreat to their “sacred spaces” and try to downplay challenges, often not even acknowledging the true problem. Once we get down to basics, we can address the professional’s hopes and dreams and how these challenges are either limiting or disabling them.

Recognizing problems isn’t always fun, but it’s crucial step to establishing a path to success. As we talk about these challenges in your business, we may also discuss any other struggles you find yourself having. Maybe your battle with time management or work/life balance.

The issues we address during a coaching session don’t have to be exclusively related to business principles. If you have an aversion to speaking in public or seem to have conflicts with colleagues, for instance, we can work on those things, too.

If you’re a long-time client and we’ve been meeting regularly, we will check in on how things are going in real time. We’ll do a “state of affairs” to determine how progress on your goals is ongoing and what new challenges you may have encountered.

Getting it Done

Most of the time, I find that by addressing some basic topics, they lead into solutions for most challenges that business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs experience. Here are common focuses that we may discuss:

  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Strategy
  • Systems
  • Financial Tasks/Principles
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Customer Engagement

We will address specific issues and determine the upcoming steps for strategy. If you seem to have a weakness in one area, in particular, we may focus more readily on that issue and others that relate to it.

We’ll talk about accountability and expectations for the future. We will establish some criteria for you to use at metrics that help you recognize if you’ve achieved goals.


Coaching sessions vary across the board, to be honest. Always reliant on the issues that a client is facing, I customize my services for optimum effectiveness. I’m happy to help you with specific issues that you target. And, I’m excited to assist you to identify your needs.

Contact me today, if you’re interested in learning more or in taking my business coaching services for a test drive!

I have a limited number of complimentary coaching sessions available, as I only have room in my schedule for just a couple more clients. The year 2017 promises to be a good one; let me help you make it even better!