Transforming organizations by helping leaders live their dreams

Throughout life and business, we often get stuck going through the motions, pushing our dreams aside to simply make it through the next challenge that business leaders face on a daily basis.

We created the Dellasega Group because we believe that there is another way.

We exist to help leaders live their dreams. To move beyond the day-to-day monotony. To create dynamic organizations that produce results and sustain long-term growth and prosperity for this generation and the next.

Meet Joe Dellasega

In my 30-plus years of business, I have learned a lot about myself, human nature, and the impact that quality leadership provides. I've been inspired and encouraged by exceptional leaders who impacted me personally and professionally. I am inspired by people who have dreams, and the courage and faith to pursue those dreams. I have observed many people who either never pursued their dreams, or who did not have the support to persevere through adversity when their dreams were challenging.

I have recognized that greatness is in almost everyone, and that many times, it takes someone to recognize that greatness, to call it out, and to help give a person the support they need to move forward. I have a passion for leading groups who provide the inspiration, clarity, accountability, and support that so many are seeking. In short, I take great pride and satisfaction in helping others thrive.