Recurring Challenges of Growing an Organization Part 1

For most entrepreneurs, the prospect of growing their businesses is exhilarating — and, in some ways, a stimulant. The new products, new relationships, new customers and increased profits create ongoing positive energy for business owners, encouraging their efforts onward. But, that’s not always the case for all aspiring entrepreneurs. Some leaders navigate through the choppy […]

Start Succession Planning for Your Business

Most boards and executive directors/CEOs comprehend the importance of establishing a succession plan. But, knowing you should have one and the implementation of one may be at opposite ends of the spectrum. My experience is that succession planning is something that rolls around in the back of a leader’s head and is rarely acted on […]

Are you avoiding difficult conversations?

James did not want to have to tell Sam that something had to change.  Sam had a great attitude, but he just didn’t have the skills necessary to get the job done.  Everyone knew the conversation was imminent, but James dreaded it so much that he put it off week after week.  The procrastination effected […]

Challenges in a Family-Owned Business

In 1987 my brother Doug and I began to live out our dream when we started U.S. Awards – a company we still own today. Like many other aspiring entrepreneurs we had visions of building a business that would bring great value to our families and our community.   Family-owned enterprises account for 90 percent […]

Are Your Employees Prepared to Take Leadership Roles?

Employees come and go in businesses, but professionals in leadership roles generally stay in place for longer periods of time. They become part of the business infrastructure, so to speak, and are considered dependable, stable constants within the overall flow chart. But, what happens when an executive retires? Or, when a director falls terminally ill […]