Miller’s Professional Imaging

"Joe helped me a lot personally. He helped me believe more in myself through his support, advice, and encouragement. He said great things about me to others in the organization, gaining their support and confidence in me. I look up to Joe." – Todd Coleman


Miller’s Professional Imaging is the largest professional lab organization in the nation, providing professional prints and press products for professional photographers across the United States and Canada.

In 2003, Miller’s launched the Mpix brand, extending their services beyond professional photographers to reach the consumer and amateur photographer audience. Read how the Dellasega Group led the launch of Mpix and helped grow the brand to more than 60 percent of Miller’s total revenue:


An Opportunity For Impact

Joe Dellasega’s impact on the Miller’s leadership team has lived beyond the consultation period, and continues to have a lasting impact.

Here’s what a few of the people who worked closely with Joe have to say:


Todd Coleman – President

Todd Coleman grew up around the photography business. His grandfather, Bill Miller, founded the business, and his dad and uncle made Miller’s what it is today. After a successful run with American Express’s IDS Financial Services (now Ameriprise), Todd joined Miller’s and learned the business from the group up developing an outstanding production and business sense, and growing into an incredible leader. When reflecting on the company history, Todd considers Mpix to be a cornerstone, and he attributes a lot of credit to the value the Dellasega Group brought to the business.

“Nobody from outside of Miller’s had ever came in and been successful like Joe was. His ethics, his integrity…people just knew he genuinely cared and they weren’t threatened by him. He meshed well with our culture and he is humble and ethical in all of his encounters.”

Thinking on his own personal growth, Todd says, “Joe helped me a lot personally. He helped me believe more in myself through his support, advice and encouragement. He said great things about me to others in the organization, gaining their support and confidence in me. I looked up to Joe. He told me I was a special leader – I remember that.”

When asked his perspective on Joe coaching other business leaders, Todd shares, “Joe could coach anyone. He informally coached so many people in our organization. Those people have continued to grow since he left, and I think much of it is a credit to the seeds he planted.”


John Rank – Director of Business Development

John Rank began working with Joe and Richard, the company CEO, as they began to lay the groundwork for Mpix. John, a former professional photographer, was new to the leadership side of the business world.

Another challenge, John says, was that their team was based in two locations: Columbia, Missouri, and Pittsburg, Kansas.

“He helped bridge the gap for us by making trips to Columbia with me from Pittsburg every two weeks, and our conversations in the car gave me tremendous insight on how to deal with issues, conflicts and challenges that came up.”

“From his background as a business owner himself, he was able to give me real examples of different situations he had experienced, both good and bad, and what the end result was.”

“He had many strengths,” John says. “Now, I’m able to emulate them in ways that continue to impact our team.”

His key three:

  • Asking the right questions. “I still use this strategy, which he modeled so wonderfully, today,” John says. “Joe knows how to ask the right questions and who to ask them to, and it wasn’t always about getting an answer. It was about getting us communicating and thinking.”
  • Getting the right people together. “Joe has a real knack for knowing which members of the team to get together at the right time and in the right setting to be most productive in setting goals and working through any obstacles,” John says. “He is open, comfortable, very approachable, and when he gets each group together, knows how to build a rapport.”
  • Building relationships. “Joe knows the value of doing this along the way, and not just waiting until you need something,” John says. “He calls it, ‘Making an emotional deposit’.”

Today, as John reflects on what he has learned — and continues to learn through periodic phone calls to Joe with questions or concerns — he describes their relationship in one word: Invaluable.

“I don’t think I’ve ever met a better person in my life,” John says. “If someone can make you better just by being around them, it’s a no brainer.”