"We were given tasks and objectives, it helped us to focus, and it put accountability to action. Without that, we could have let things slide or have gotten focused on other things." – Tim Collar

Pittcraft has been a player in the commercial print industry since 1946, starting as a small-town local print shop in the linotype days, to today providing print and marketing solutions and graphic design to accounts in numerous cities across the Midwest. The company counts as its customers numerous professional and collegiate level athletic organizations, including the Kansas City Royals, the University of Kansas Athletics, Pittsburg State University Athletics, and Missouri State University Athletics, among others.



In September 2014, the Dellasega Group began coaching Pittcraft President Tim Collar as part of a standard executive business coaching engagement. Tim soon realized that what the Dellasega Group brought to the table could benefit the entire company: Pittcraft’s real need was a transformation of its entire team and its systems.



Being a longtime, established company like Pittcraft has numerous benefits: Credibility, experience, financial stability, a proven track record and a broad network of resources from which to draw.

But longevity also brings a challenge: A mindset.

“It’s a mindset of ‘That’s the way it’s always been done’,” says Jake Rudisill, who joined the company in 2010. “It’s hard to break that.”



The Dellasega Group brought owners, account managers, and sales staff together in a room and facilitated the sharing of ideas. It felt safe, they all agreed — anything was fair game.

“The Dellasega Group did a good job of prepping administrators before hand so at no point did anyone feel they had to be defensive, and out of it came a lot of good ideas,” Tim says. “The Dellasega Group worked closely with the our team to focus on key strategies, then the system. Our management team participated in coaching and in some cases key leaders like Jake and Gene Dayton on an individual basis.”

Once on the same page, the team players were able to begin designing timelines, determining who was responsible for actionable items, and prioritizing items. Ultimately, the culture and approach of the company changed.

“He motivated and inspired us, and we’ve had multiple people notice we have a new attitude,” Jake says.

There also was one simple yet important challenge that Pittcraft leadership needed help solving, and found they the solution in the Dellasega Group:

“It’s been hard for us to do a price list, because every job is custom,” Tim said. “But we did identify several products we could offer for a set price — we just needed to figure out what that price was.”

The Dellasega Group conducted pricing research in the industry to compare how Pittcraft’s pricing stacked up.

Problem solved.



“We were given tasks and objectives, it helped us to focus, and it put accountability to action. Without that, we could have let things slide or have gotten focused on other things,” Tim says.

Out of the coaching came a tangible goal: a 10 percent increase in sales.

Pittcraft still is early in the process of implementing actionable items, but, Tim says, “I believe we will catch it. All we need to do now is stabilize.”

“I feel we’re on track going forward.”

Says Jake: “We are still in the process of developing what he helped us come up with, but we’re seeing results, and I believe we’ll continue to do so.”


What Was It Like Working With the Dellasega Group?

Tim shares these remarks about working with the Dellasega Group:

  • “The group excels at listening, at helping us get stuff up on the dry erase board. Joe Dellasega got the group to the table and talking, and got everyone to communicate and express what they were thinking.”
  • “Joe Dellasega is energetic and positive, which makes us feel that way, too.”
  • “What the Dellasega Group helps us work toward is reasonable, and done with a task list so everyone is on track.”
  • “The Dellasega Group helped us come up with solutions.”
  • “The biggest thing the Dellasega Group did for us was get our team together.”
  • “There was an immediate trust factor with Joe Dellasega.”
  • ‘‘The Dellasega Group is able to look from the outside in.”
  • “Joe Dellasega checks in on us, because they genuinely care.”

Jake shares these:

  • “Not long after we began working with the Dellasega Group, we saw Joe Dellasega not as a business coach, but as a partner. He was more interested in seeing the success of people he was working with than his own success. He made an emotional investment.”
  • “I’ve worked with other consultants, and by far, the Dellasega Group is the best. They don’t tell you what needs to be done — they allows you to see it for yourself. The Dellasega Group gives you another perspective by taking a step back and asking “what if?”
  • The Dellasega Group also is skilled at taking distractors away from your day-to-day world to get results.


Why hire a coach?

Jake says it best:

“Owners of small to medium businesses will at some point realize the importance of working ON your business rather than IN your business. To do that, you need a bird’s eye view. You need a coach. I would recommend the Dellasega Group be that coach.”