The Launch of Mpix

"Joe created a culture of change within our organization. He has a unique skill set for quickly gaining trust and buy-in from others, and his personality allows him to build relationships with anyone." – Richard Miller

Mpix, a division of Miller’s Professional Imaging, is the largest professional photo labs in the nation. Recognized for their premium quality photos, exceptional customer service and super-fast shipping (all orders are processed within 24 hours), Mpix delivers photos, photo books, stationery and just about any other product that photos can be printed on to customers across the nation.


Miller’s Professional Imaging, the parent company of Mpix, had thrived on 35 years of continuous revenue growth serving professional photographers. As the transition from film to digital photography was taking root, Miller’s recognized that in order to maintain growth and to stay relevant to their customers, they needed to make some changes. The shift from film to digital made it easier for amateur photographers and anyone with a professional camera to get into photography — a whole new target audience for Miller’s was created: the part-time, amateur photographer and the emerging pro.


Richard Miller, Chairman/CEO of Miller’s, had a vision, but did not have anyone internally who could lead the project. He needed a strategic leader who could jump in quickly, understand the dynamics of the organization, champion change, and lead the development and launch of a new brand.


Richard decided to look outside the company and found Joe Dellasega, owner of the Dellasega Group, whom he hired as a consultant to lead this opportunity.

“Joe didn’t know the photography business, but he learned quickly, and with minor direction he took off and ran,” says Richard.

Joe worked closely with the Miller’s team to understand the opportunity, the challenges, and dynamics of the company and industry. He was in charge of product development, marketing, and was the liaison across departments, including customer service, accounting, and finance.

“He worked coast to coast to develop relationships that were key to our success,” says Richard.


Within one year, Miller’s launched the Mpix brand. Today it represents more than 60 percent of the company’s revenue.

“Joe created a culture of change within our organization,” Richard says. “He has a unique skill for quickly gaining trust and buy-in from others, and his personality allows him to build relationships with anyone. I don’t know what we would have done without him.”

What Was It Like Working With the Dellasega Group?

Richard shares these remarks about working with the Dellasega Group:

  • “Joe is great at working with anyone. People like and trust him from Day One.”
  • “He is great at strategy, he’s a great planner, very organized, and has a unique talent for choosing the right people for the right role.”
  • “Joe’s integrity and way of connecting with others sets him apart.”
  • “He is a man of faith and his commitment to family, faith, and his community show in all parts of his life.”