"I needed a sounding board. I also felt that I needed an outside perspective to help me hone in and focus on what is important to my business and to me, personally and the Dellasega Group provided that." – Tyler Harrell

An entrepreneur as long as he can remember, Tyler Harrell grew up in the agriculture industry working within his family in their large equipment business. He learned all aspects, from equipment maintenance to selling parts. Engineering school made sense. After graduating with a degree in plastics engineering technology and gaining experience in product development, he launched his own business in 2006. PRG has grown exponentially ever since, and in 2012 expanded into a new, 12,000-square foot facility to expand services and staff. Today, it’s a product development firm that specializes in producing prototypes for plastic, metal, electronics, and textile products. Tyler’s team can take a napkin sketch through the design and development stage into prototyping, and eventually branding and marketing. They work with entrepreneurs daily, from novices to those who have been selling products for years.



While his team has experience and expertise, Tyler is a sole proprietor. And as such, he found he needed a sounding board. He also felt he needed an outside perspective to help him hone in and focus on what is important to his business and to him personally.

“The Dellasega Group provided that,” Tyler says.



Tyler began coaching sessions with the Dellasega Group in early 2015, meeting with Joe twice monthly, and sometimes more often as needed. He appreciated the flexibility the Dellasega Group offered when it came to those needs.

The coaching sessions lasted 10 months, during which time the Dellasega Group provided Tyler with business acumen, an outsider’s perspective and coaching expertise, but also gave him a valuable bonus: contacts in the community.

“It would have taken me months and maybe years to build these on my own,” Tyler says.

Today, Tyler is on his way to achieving clarity, he says.

“Joe has provided me with knowledge and strategies, tools, and a thought process,” he says. “He works through your vision with you. Now it’s up to me to take it the rest of the way.”

“I’m not sure when full clarity will happen, but it’s becoming more prevalent after a few months, and I feel that we are gaining steam,” Tyler says.



Tyler recognizes distinct differences in his business and his leadership after coaching with the Dellasega Group. First and foremost: Being more focused and disciplined in all aspects of his life.

“When you are a growing company, everything looks and feels like an opportunity,” he says. “The reality is that without a proper plan and way of executing those ideas, they are just ideas that may not ever turn into revenue streams or positive outcomes for your company.”

Joe helped him channel his energy and enthusiasm in the right direction.

Tyler says he’s still on his way to achieving his dream, but now understands the path to take to reach it.

“I’m definitely closer. Every dream is different. Joe can’t provide the revenue and freedom that I need to live my dream, but what Joe can provide is a well-executed, well-critiqued plan to help me get there,” he says.


What Was It Like Working With the Dellasega Group?

Tyler shares these remarks about working with the Dellasega Group:

  • “Joe listens to the entrepreneur.”
  • “He coaches and encourages the entrepreneur. He acts as a silent partner in the business, while always having my best interest at hand.”


Why hire a coach?

It’s easy to lose focus when trying to manage all aspects of growth, personnel, financials, marketing, and the day-to-day needs of a business — particularly if you’re the only one at the helm. It’s also easy to feel unsure or overwhelmed at where to start when it comes to working toward a dream.

“Hiring a coach is the solution,” Tyler says.